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West Of Scotland Coronary Prevention Study

(a) The West of Scotland Coronary Prevention Study group
(b) The WOSCOPS Study group
(c) Shepherd J, Cobbe SM, Ford I, Isles CG, Lorimer AR, Macfarlane PW, McKillop JH, Packard CJ
(d) The WOSCOPS Study Group

(a) A coronary primary prevention study of Scottish men aged 45-64 years: trial design
(b) Screening experience and baseline characteristics in the West of Scotland Coronary Prevention Study
(c) Prevention of coronary heart disease with pravastatin in men with hypercholesterolemia
(d) West of Scotland coronary prevention study: implications for clinical practice

(a) J Clin Epidemiol 1992;45:849-60
(b) Am J Cardiol 1995;76:485-91
(c) N Engl J Med 1995;333:1301-7
(d) Eur Heart J 1996;17:163-4


To test whether 5 years of pravastatin treatment leads to a reduction in MI>

Study design
Randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled

5 years (mean 4.9 years)

6595 men, aged 45-64 years, with LDL cholesterol ≥ 4.0 and ≤ 6.0 mmol/l and no history of MI

Treatment regimen
Pravastatin, 40 mg each evening, or placebo

Concomitant therapy
Smoking and dietary advice during the whole study

Pravastatin lowered plasma cholesterol levels by 20% and LDL cholesterol by 26% whereas there was no change with placebo. There were 248 definite coronary events (nonfatal MI or death from coronary heart disease) in the placebo group and 174 in the pravastatin group (relative risk reduction with pravastatin 31%; p < 0.001). There were similar risk reductions with pravastatin for nonfatal MI (31% reduction; p < 0.001), death from coronary heart disease (33% reduction; p = 0.042) and death from all cardiovascular causes (32% reduction; p = 0.033). There was no excess of deaths in the pravastatin group, and the risk of death from any cause was reduced by 22% in the pravastatin group (p = 0.051)